FANtastic Detroit Fund


Detcon1 is excited to announce the FANtastic Detroit Fund (FDF). This crowdfunded program will provide free memberships to individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend Detcon1, with priority given to Detroit and Wayne County residents.

Would you like to attend Detcon1 but can’t afford a membership? Apply here! Anyone can apply, although priority will be given to Detroit and Wayne County residents.

How does it work?
Just use the donate button in the sidebar to contribute any amount. Each $55 donated to the FDF will buy a membership through the FDF. PLUS, Detcon1 will match the first 10 memberships bought this way.

Why are we doing this?
While the downtown core of Detroit (where our facility is located) is booming, many areas of the city are much less fortunate. The city of Detroit has some of the highest unemployment and poverty rates in the entire country. It is also over 80% African-American. The FDF is one part of our strong commitment to increasing the diversity of our attendee base and making Detcon1 a place where all fans feel welcome.

How will recipients be selected?
Detcon1’s FDF selection committee will work with local non-profit organizations, fan groups, schools and other entities to identify candidates to receive the donated memberships. Individuals may also apply by filling out this form. Anyone is eligible to apply, but if demand exceeds supply, priority will be given to Detroit and Wayne County residents.

I have an existing supporting or attending membership I can’t use, can I donate that?
Yes, you can! While we are sorry that you won’t be able to attend Detcon1, we are thankful for your support of the FDF. Just email and let them know you’d like to transfer your membership to the FDF.

Is my donation tax deductible?
The parent organization of Detcon1, Driving the Future, Inc, is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization. This means that donations to the FDF are not deductible. We hope that the community of fans will nevertheless be eager to contribute financially to our efforts to increase the diversity of our attending population and introduce our fandom to many new faces.

What will you do if there’s money leftover?
We think this program is a model for how other large SF conventions can improve access for fans of all income levels. If there is any money left in our program, we will pass it along to the next Worldcon or NASFiC that establishes a similar program.

Thank you to our donors

As of July 9, 2014, we have received $1300 in cash from  from 21 donors. Another 21 people donated attending or supporting memberships they were not going to use. To date those donations have enabled us to give free memberships to 56 fans. At this time the fund is out of money, but we still have pending requests, so additional donations are encouraged.

Donors (only those who gave us permission to print their names):
Janelle Benoit
Tom Doyle
Doug Piero Carey
Mary Piero CareyTammy Coxen
Naomi Cowan-Barkley
Adrienne Foster
Glenn Glazer
Shaylin Gottleid/Laurie Edison
Kevin Groocock
Jeanne Hartzog
Mary Robinette Kowal
Malcolm J Kudra
Cindy Laval
Michael Lee
Paul and Kathy Lehman
Violette Malan
Gary McGath
Cheryl Morgan
Paul Musselman
Rick Novy
Gerald D. Nordley
Pirates of ConFusion
Dean Sliger
Grace Spengler
Ian Stockdale
Bill Thomasson
Denise Wallentinson
Bill Wright
David Wilford