Fan Tables


Tables have been set aside in the Marriott for the use of Fan Organizations.  These Fan Tables are a great way to inform the Detcon1 membership about your group or convention.  If your group would like to have a Fan Table for the duration of the convention, please see below.  We hope to be able to accommodate all requests, but if demand is high – which would be great! – it is possible that groups will share tables.

Fan Tables are free to not-for-profit organizations, such as other conventions or charitable organizations, but you must provide the personnel to staff these tables.  All table staff must have a Detcon1 membership.

No general merchandise sales are permitted at Fan Tables. You can sell memberships to your conventions or events, logo merchandise from your organization, and other items made exclusively for and by your organization, but sales for profit are not allowed.  If you are selling general merchandise, such as books, CDs, or art, or your organization is for profit, you should fill out an application for the Dealer’s Room.

To request a fan table, please send and email to containing the following information.

Group Name
Group’s Purpose (Type of Convention, Charitable Organization, etc.):
Contact Name
Any Special Requests

If you have any further questions, or you wish to modify your request, please email

Also in the Exhibit Hall