How To Change Your Computer Name

Computer name is created by apps developer for most personal PC or hitech gadget in now days. Usually, you can see the computer name when you first boot, log onto the system, and insert your password. In a system network or a specific company, computer name belongs to computer groups and the names are making easy for a man on technical department to distinguish and identify one computer and another.

Computer name in some way need to adjustment when there is a change in computer network. User gadget or personal computer can be changed the computer name just for fun and want to cool name. When the PC is not yours, you need to make sure that you have privilege to change the computer name. In some situation, some providers of internet service will ask the customers to make sure you have a user account in their network when you use a specific name.

Computer Name – What You Need To Know

At first when you decide to change computer name is to specify a new name desired. What you need to know is the computer name is not too long and should be the letters in alphabet (from A to Z) and the numbers (from 0 to 9). You cannot insert any symbols or special characters.

The process of computer name change can be different depend on what your gadget or personal PC operating system (Microsoft Windows or Linux). Here are the basic guidelines, you can follow the directions and please notice that some details can be different as an operating system version or license.

Computer Name Change in Windows

For changing the computer name on Windows OS, first, click to ‘Start’ button and then select the ‘Control Panel’ in this state you will find the ‘System and Maintenance’. From that state you need to click on ‘System’ and choose ‘Change Settings’ under the information on your computer name. Fill the password or the confirmation code if your computer asked about it.
And after fill that information you will find ‘Computer Name’ is come up, then select ‘Change’. In this state, you can erase and input the name with a new name that you desire. After that, click ‘OK’ and that’s it. The computer name will be saved and will appear on next computer login.

Computer Name Change in Linux

For changing the computer name on Linux OS, first, open a terminal window to insert a command ‘gksudo gedit/etc/hostname’ after that hit ‘Enter’ and then you will ask to input a password. Enter your password and click ‘OK’, a hostname file will appear and showing the current computer name. Just erase it and write a new name, then, click ‘Save’. Finally, restart the system and login, you will find that your computer name has changed.

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