HTC EVO 3D Smartphone Announced For European Market

HTC EVO 3D smartphone with glasses-free display will be release in July for European user gadget market. After introduced release date HTC EVO 3D Android smartphone in United State by Sprint on June 24, now, HTC EVO 3D mobile phone – the first glasses-free 3D smartphone will be available in Europe next month, July.

HTC EVO 3D – Review, Specs and Features

HTC EVO 3D smartphone has specs and features like a large screen display with 4. 3 inch 960 by 540 pixel screen resolution which is has ability to display 3D video, images, and games, a dual lens camera with up to 2 megapixel resolution which can do capture 3D images also 2D or 3D High definition 720p – 30 fps video recording including stereo sound, user gadget can easily switch 2D or 3D format with a 2D/3D camera mode. HTC EVO 3D also has a standard shoot 2D with 5 megapixel with HD 720p.

HTC EVO 3D smartphone features are some image editing that has a new creative perspective point of view to the images, with Tiltshift effect, easily to make selectively blurring the scene that will give scale model impression subjects.

Other HTC EVO 3D Android 2. 3 – Gingerbread handset specifications include a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with 1. 2 GHz, RAM and ROM with 1 GB memory, a new apps – HTC Sense 3. 0, WiFi, HSPA+, GPS, also DLNA support, HDMI output. HTC EVO 3D European version will base on HSPA and HSPA+ technology, not like HTC EVO 3D United States version by Sprint which use CDMA and WiMAX network.

HTC EVO 3D Android mobile phone come with a long life battery with 1, 730 mAH will give HTC EVO 3D a power for outdoor and travel convenient and powerful battery for functionality to run 3D applications.

HTC EVO 3D – Release Date

We can find gadget with 3D stereoscopic glasses-free capability is on slowly coming to hitech market, but more to come, like Nintendo 3DS, LG Optimus 3D, and Sharp Aquos SH-12C that already on hitech market. This time, HTC EVO 3D smartphone which is already available on June in United States market and will come soon in July for Europe market is going to bring a fresh and juice for user gadget in hitech world.

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