HTC Sensation VS Apple iPhone 4 – Comparison

Again, HTC brings new smartphone to the market, called HTC Sensation. HTC Sensation smartphone could be beat Apple iPhone 4 smartphone in hitech gadget market.

HTC Sensation smartphone so far brings some positive opinion among of mobile gadget community since its release. As HTC Sensation smartphone review on internet and take a look at specification sheet will let you know why HTC Sensation smartphone can beat. HTC Sensation smartphone package comes with latest and powerful hardware and software, which is signal of serious from popular Taiwanese smartphone manufacture.

But we can not close our eyes from amazing Apple iPhone 4 smartphone which is still eye-catching for mobile phone user since launched in stores last year.
For the best power analyzing on HTC Sensation and Apple iPhone 4 smartphone, we can compare this smartphone – HTC Sensation vs Apple iPhone 4 smartphone by looking at functionality and usability and other aspect.

HTC Sensation VS Apple iPhone 4: Software Comparison

The Apple iPhone 4 smartphone runs on iOS platform version 4. 3. 2, this is standard operating system developed by Apple application developer. IOS operating system is easy to use, fast and elegant looks.

The Benefit of using Apple iOS operating system is allowing gadget users to access a lot of apps, there is 350 thousands application available in the Apple App Store.

Running iOS also has the benefit of allowing users to access the vast number of apps (350, 000+) available in the Apple App Store which cater for every possible whim or fancy.

The HTC Sensation smartphone is powered by the latest version of Google’s hugely popular Android OS, version 2. 3 (Gingerbread) which is as stable, secure and fast a mobile operating system as you’re ever likely to come across. The platform has many virtues and foremost among them are its open source roots, which means that users who have the time and inclination can get alter their device to suit their own individual needs.

Meanwhile, HTC Sensation smartphone is using the latest Google operating system a. k. a Android OS version 2. 3 – Gingerbread. Android OS is secure, fast and stable a mobile operating system. Since Android OS is an open source platform, gadget user can have benefit of personalize the application as they needs. A lot of application developer developing application for Android OS.

Conclusion: HTC Sensation is the Winner

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