International Roaming Charges – How To Avoid

International roaming charges always become hot issue when someone brings mobile phone overseas. Those who regularly traveling outside the country with hitech gadget especially mobile phone knows international roaming charges could be expensive.

Yes, there is no secret when taking mobile phone overseas can be expensive because international roaming charges. You must be careful with international roaming charges or you will get bill with thousands of dollars. Although just short voice calls can run to 6$ a minute when you are out of home networks.

Here are tips and guide on how to avoid international roaming charges:

The only one solution to avoid nonsense price of international roaming charges from the carrier is get out of the carrier. When you are on the way aboard, don’t forget to lose the SIM card from your mobile phone. After you are on destination, buy a local SIM card and so you don’t have to pay price for international roaming charges.

International Roaming Charges – Beware

For those who have AT&T carrier Please beware, lose your SIM card from you mobile device or you will get international roaming charges. Even you don’t make any calls or don’t answer, you will get charged for international calling rate if you get an incoming call.

International Roaming Charges – unlock phone

There is many way to unlock mobile phone, like Apple iPhone jail breaking tools. You can ask your mobile phone carrier to make unlock for you. There is small fee to unlock mobile phone from some carrier in United States, such as T-Mobile or AT&T and probably free of charges if you get lucky.

International roaming charges can be avoided if you pay attention on what our cell phone carrier tariffs. You can ask your cell phone carrier about their international roaming charges before taking your cell phone overseas. If the price is high, you can always prepare to avoid international roaming charges by doing tips.

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