Volunteer to Help


Detcon1 is an entirely volunteer-run convention. There are no paid staff – we all do this for the joy and fun of creating an amazing experience. Would you like to join us? While most of our major committee positions are filled, we need staff at all levels and for all departments. Please see our help wanted page for details on the types of jobs we need help with!

If you volunteer at least 12 hours before or at the con, and you can get your membership reimbursed after the con (provided the con is in the black). Some of the things volunteers are needed to do include set up and load in, running errands, making and changing signs, checking badges, checking bags for the Art Show, welcoming new members, helping people check in at registration, counting panel attendance and giving time warnings to panelists for program ops, hosting the Consuite (re-stocking food and drinks), and load out when the con is done. Load in/load out hours are worth double for reimbursement. The at-con volunteer who puts in the most hours will get a prize.

Please email volunteers@detcon1.org if you’d like to become a part of making Detcon1 great.

Detcon1 is dedicated to diversity and welcomes volunteers of any race, religion, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, body type, or ethnic background, as well as any aspect of science fiction or fantasy fandom.