LG Optimus Black Release Date – Europe To United States

Good news for hitech gadget users, several day a go LG has announced the LG Optimus Black release date. LG Optimus Black which has specs – 4 inch NOVA screen will be lunched in this month in Europe (6 country in Europe) before LG Optimus Black releasing in United States (U. S.).

LG Optimus Black was showed at MWC and CES, technology show, and 56 mobile phone carrier operators from 50 countries already pre orders this smartphone.

According to President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, Dr Jong Seo Park, LG Optimus Black offers one intelligent package of fashion, beauty, mobility and performance. LG Optimus Black designed for mobile phone users who give credit to style and substance. This is a significant addition of LG Optimus mobile phone portfolio, it will prove to be the most popular mobile phones.

LG Optimus Black Versus Apple iPhone 4

LG Optimus Black has specifications: Nova display manufactured by Korean base company which brings next level of brightness and truly black and white representation. LG Optimus Black smartphone has brighter screen nit reading than Apple iPhone 4, comparing 700 nit on LG Optimus Black smartphone with 500 nit on Apple iPhone 4. LG Optimus Black smartphone versus Apple iPhone 4 for battery is battery consumption cuts in half, compare to power used in a usual LCD display.

LG Optimus Black smartphone – Review And Specs

LG Optimus Black smartphone is fashion mobile phone so will come with white and pink models next month. The specs: 109g weigh and 9. 2 thin, powered by Texas Instrument Omap 3 with 1 GHz processor, has camera in front and back with 5 megapixel and 2 megapixel respectively, internal memory 2 GB and up to 32 GB additional microSD. LG Optimus Black smartphone has installed Android 2. 2 operating system, included Optimus 2. 0 UI.

LG Optimus Black smartphone offers free phone with specific carrier plans from T-Mobile UK and Orange mobile operators in UK. Normal price if not with carrier subsidy is about $600 at retail market store. This price is according to where LG Optimus Black smartphone has been released in Singapore.

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