Things To Do in Detroit – David Aronovitz | The Fine Books Company


Things To Do While in Detroit
(in no particular order)

1) An evening out in Greektown for dinner and gambling.  The monorail takes you door to door from the Ren Cen to Monroe Street, where you’ll find many Greek and other fine restaurants to choose from as well as the Greektown Casino. Be careful if you go here, as those in the dealer’s room hope to turn a profit!

2) An afternoon or morning junket to the DIA, one of two world class happenings in Detroit. This art museum is not to be missed…a national treasure which will need several hours of your time. The DIA is a 10 to 15 minute bus ride north on Woodward Avenue. (Shorter trip time but more expensive for sure by taxi.)

3) A trip to The Henry Ford, the other world class happening in the Detroit area. The museum alone contains such original artifacts as the chair Lincoln was shot in, the car in which Kennedy was assassinated, and the bus where Rosa Parks took her stand. It also features a spectacular array of machines and autos through the ages, and downright wonderful Americana. At the neighboring Greenfield Village, you can visit the actual Wright Brothers Cycle Shop, Edison’s famous Menlo Park Laboratories, and more fascinating attractions. Perhaps a day before or after the convention will do the trick? (Having a car to get to/from would be most beneficial here.)

4) An afternoon or morning trip to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Especially if you’ve never been to our neighboring country to the North. Well, actually to the South as Detroit is that magical spot where one travels south into Canada. As of this writing, the value of the American dollar is about 10¢ greater than its Canadian counterpart. Of course, you’ll need to bring along your passport.

5)  Like baseball?  The Detroit Tigers play in a fine new stadium less than 15 years old. The tiger sculptures surrounding two sides of Comerica Park are fabulous. Again, just a quick 12 minute monorail ride from the Ren Cen to Grand Circus Park Station (plus a 5-minute walk). And at the time of this writing, The Detroit Tigers are not only in first place in their division, but boast the best won/loss record in all of baseball this season!

6) Did someone say architecture? Take a short walk from The Ren Cen to the Guardian Building at 500 Griswold Street and enjoy the incredible art deco foyer. The Fox Theater right near Comerica Park (see above) is also a dynamite experience. Built in 1928 and now owned by the Ilitch family, founders of the Little Caesar Pizza chain and current proprietors of The Detroit Tigers, The Fox Theater was the first movie theater in the world to be constructed with built-in equipment for sound films. The Fox Film Corporation’s patented sound-on-film system “Movietone” enabled the theater to present sound films from the time of its opening.

7) How  about “A Walk On The Mildside”? That would be the walk that parallels The Detroit River, separating Detroit from Windsor, Canada. A stroll in the evening or daytime is a lovely way to pass some time and get some exercise. It is located directly behind the Ren Cen.