Room Parties


Party rooms are completely booked!

We have at least 16 different fan groups and conventions throwing parties throughout the span of Detcon1, from Wednesday night through Sunday night! All parties will be on the 68th and 69th floors of our hotel, the Detroit Renaissance Center Marriott. For a list of where to find your favorites, please see the pocket program and newsletter.

Awards will be given by the concom at Closing Ceremonies for: Best Drink, Best Food, Best Decorations, and – of course – Best Overall Party.

Looking for a place to get party supplies? Here’s a list of Grocery Stores (.pdf) in the area.

All convention rules for Code of Conduct apply to parties. You must have a badge to enter parties. No one under 21 will be served alcohol. If you serve, or share your alcoholic beverages with, anyone under 21, your convention membership may be revoked and you may be subject to prosecution. So, don’t do it!

Thank you so much for coming to this city we love to party with us! Party responsibly, but party hard, and have fun!

If you have any questions about parties, please email Kathy Lehman at

Note: ALL parties must be on a party floor. The parties floors are all booked up. Please respect the other guests in the hotel and DO NOT throw a boisterous party on a non-party floor. Junior Suites are NOT party rooms. They will not be on party floors and are subject to regular hotel rules for noise. If someone on a non-party floor seems to be throwing a party, or is otherwise disturbing the peace at night, please call Ops at (651) 560-0338.