It is our aim that the Detcon1 program, policies and promotions will attract and include all kinds of science fiction fans, without offending or excluding any. In order to support this goal, we have formed a diversity committee to guide our outreach and con promotions and publications, programming and event planning, and policies. Members of that committee are listed on the Contact Us page. We encourage you to contact the committee by sending email to diversity@detcon1.org if you have any suggestions or concerns regarding diversity.

We are donating two memberships to Con or Bust to facilitate attendance by fans of color from anywhere in the world. We have also started the FANtastic Detroit Fund to provide assistance to low-income Detroit residents who would not otherwise be able to attend.

We want all attendees to find Detcon1 a fun, welcoming, and inclusive environment. Should something mar your experience in this regard, especially due to someone’s treatment of a person due to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, ability, religion, or fandom of choice, please contact us for assistance. Our ops staff will be prepared to listen, investigate and deal with instances of harassment, and otherwise see if we can resolve or address any situation that is making you feel uncomfortable or unsafe.