Going to a science fiction convention should feel a little like a homecoming. We create SF conventions together, and come to them hoping to see old friends, encounter friends we haven’t met yet, and have plenty of opportunities to share our various enthusiasms with each other. Detcon1 hospitality will support all of those goals, and more.

Have a drink!
From the moment you arrive to when you depart, you will feel surrounded by the energy driving the event, and be a welcomed participant in the convention. Registration will be a smooth process, not a hassle. Information will be easy to find, in print and digital signs and maps, at the information desk and news kiosks, in newsletters, the program book, the pocket program, a guide to area restaurants and other destinations of interest, and in online and ereader versions of many of our publications, compatible with a variety of mobile devices.

The Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center is a large space, but it has many smaller conversational spaces within it. Among those, the Consuite and Green Room will be easy to get in and out of, as well as great places to hang out. We will use signs and banners and a variety of activities around the clock to make sure that none of the large function rooms or hallways have a dead “empty airplane hangar” feel to them. Our airplane hangar has flying cars! And hopefully lots of fen, having a fabulous time.

Comestibles and Conversation

We celebrate good food and drink, and will share that enthusiasm at Detcon1.

As is traditional in Michigan, we had hoped to serve beer and hard cider in the Consuite during evening and nighttime hours. However, due to insurance restrictions we are unable to do so. But don’t worry – with a dozen groups hosting parties every night, there will be a wide array of beverage options available to all. The Consuite will be open 24 hours a day.