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Programming for Detcon1 will be a true Michigan experience, embracing diverse fandoms and traditions, and looking both to our future and our past(s) while delivering a vital and enjoyable now.

Detcon1 plans a broad and integrated program encompassing literature, music, art, media, science, gaming, costuming, fanac, and Maker topics. We expect to run panels, demos, and workshops in most areas, and will also include concerts, readings, events, special presentations, and games. Our kids & teen track will build on the extensive Michigan experience and expertise in children’s and youth programming. As part of our reflection on our history, we intend to present a retrospective of Detention, Detroit’s 1959 Worldcon.

Our key themes are Innovation, Technology, and Revitalization, reflecting the unique situation of Detroit as a lab for urban renewal in the 21st century.

The programming department is processing suggestions and participants and putting together the initial program schedule. If you would like to volunteer for programming, please contact us at as soon as possible.


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