Hi, I’m Annalee Flower Horne, and I’m working on Costuming Programming for DetCon1. Are you a costumer? Would you like to participate in Costuming Programming?

Whether you’re into Superheroes, historical costumes, film replicas, interpretations from text or animation, or entirely original designs–if you show your fandom spirit through clothing, we want to hear from you! Please email us at, and include links to photos of your work. While we can’t guarantee we’ll have room for everyone who volunteers, we’d very much like our costuming programming to reflect the diversity of the costuming community.

Costuming is a hands-on way of geeking, and we want to offer practical workshops alongside more traditional panels. We’re looking for folks who are interested in teaching practical costuming skills, like how to finish a seam, stitch a period-accurate hem, tailor a garment, or apply stage makeup. We are particularly interested in “Make & Take” workshops, in which participants have an opportunity to make a complete, small project, such as trimming a hat, beading a pair of earrings, or creating a fascinator. If you have an idea for a workshop, please email us at We want to hear from you!