Film Festival Submissions


(last updated 02-05-2014)

SF&F Shorts

113 Degrees – SF&F – USA
Director:  Sabrina Doyle
Running Time: 21:00m

Francesca and Joe are astronauts who’ve become lovers. Bunkered up in their little spaceship, Earth is a distant reality: everything they want is right here. But now their mission is ending, and Joe’s wife is waiting for him back home. Thinking she’s going to lose him, Francesca takes desperate measures, leading to terrible and unintended consequences.

Androginia – SF&F – Spain
Director:  Daniel Matesanz
Running Time: 14:00m

A guy who lives in a totalitarian World finds something that wakes him up.

Blowout – SF&F – USA
Director:  Mark Falls
Running Time: 6:28m

In the superhero business, you’ve got to roll with the punches. At a soiree hosted by super-brain Liam, old friends and foes reminisce over past misadventures. Big egos and fragmented alliances make for a potent cocktail, as the beautiful Damascus and ruthless Doctor FUNdamental steer the small talk to a shattering conclusion. Five superheroes, one bar tab, zero do-overs

Director:  Ricky Lloyd George
Running Time: 10:34m

A guy meets the girl of his dreams in a bar one night. But as they get to know each other, she starts to fear that he will discover who – and what – she really is…

Director:  JS Mayank
Running Time: 11:00m

Time flows backwards. An old man looks forward to meeting his wife as she’s unearthed from the ground, taken to the morgue, and readied for coming alive, while his seven-year-old granddaughter contemplates her looming mortality. A Twilight Zone-esque, sci-fi drama, Emit questions our beliefs on life, death, mortality, and time.

Game Companion – SF&F – Canada
Director:  James Monson & Brian Morelan
Running Time: 12:00m

Thirty-something Bob lives downstairs in his mom’s house, works in fast food and has one friend. His greatest accomplishment is making it to master in a fighter-style video game, permitting him a game companion, Kimiko, which turns out to be real. Kimiko is impressed with Bob as ‘great warrior’, but when she starts to discover he is not very important in his own world, her enthusiasm fades.

Liberator – SF&F – USA
Director:  Aaron Pope
Running Time: 18:00m

Ed Migliocetti (Lou Ferrigno, “The Incredible Hulk”) has served his country. When the war began, he put aside his football career to sign up for the military. And when the powers-that-be drafted him into the Enhanced Abilities Initiative, he became The Liberator.

Lunar – SF&F – USA
Director:  Tyson Wade Johnston
Running Time: 7:24m

Set in Los Angeles City, 2057, an outlaw is captured and sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment on the LUNAR penitentiaries. To reunite with his family, he must become the first convict to escape the corrupt system and return to Earth.

The Phoenix – SF&F – USA
Director:  Carmelo Zucco
Running Time: 15:00m

This is a tale that takes place in the not so distant future. Mankind has developed the ability to transfer the mind and soul of a human being into an android host body. Mars Reveille is a dying man whose life is now moment to moment. He decides to undergo this miraculous procedure for the sake of his grandson Ben. Who without his grandpa would be alone in this world and left to fend for himself.

The Signal – SF&F – USA
Director:  Marcus Stokes
Running Time: 8:50m

In a world saved from a global energy crisis by a new form of wireless power, an ex-scientist turned fugitive must save the city from the fatal side effects of his own invention.

Sleepworking – SF&F – UK (PG-17)
Director:  Gavin Williams
Running Time: 15:00m

When Alice Page begins sleepworking she suffers disturbing side effects. Suspecting that sleepworkers aren’t working in offices or factories as advertised, she embarks on a dangerous journey to uncover what occurs when they’re unconscious. Sleepworking is a satirical thriller with a hallucinogenic edge that deals with the ultimate workplace exploitation.

Sol – SF&F – USA
Director:  Mark Falls
Running Time: 6:53m

How far would you go, to keep what matters most?

Secret Keeper – SF&F – USA
Director:  Bears Fonte
Running Time: 17:00m

A secret is a precious commodity. If a person can seal their secrets away, and live guilt free, they can truly be anyone, do anything. Somewhere, sometime in an alternate future or past that vaguely resembles the styles and prejudices of our late 1940’s, The Secret Keeper provides clients with that very opportunity. But who keeps The Secret Keeper’s secrets?

Telescope – SF&F – USA
Director:  Collin Davis
Running Time: 9:55m

The year is 2183. Earth is dead. With all evidence of organic life lost, a cosmic archaeologist travels faster than light into deep space to capture images of the once vibrant planet. When his vessel is damaged he must take matters into his own hands, risking his life to witness humanity’s lost home.

Void – SF&F – USA
Director:  Justin Golightly
Running Time: 25:00m

After an astronaut escapes a catastrophic accident in deep space, he uses the memories of his wife on Earth to guide his crippled spaceship home.  But as he moves further into the dark, his reality becomes blurred and madness takes hold.

Horror Shorts

Abe – Horror – UK
Director:  Rob McLellan
Running Time: 8:22m

ABE – The story of a robot and his misplaced love…

A Friend of the Devil – Horror – Canada
Director:  Conall Pendergast
Running Time: 8:00m

A lonely young woodcutter seeks the help of the Devil to win the heart of a beautiful girl.

Banshee Bride – Horror – USA
Director:  Jason Voss
Running Time: 5:00m

The Film explores the legend, origin and history of the ‘Banshee Bride’ in a short animated film.

Black Sugar – Horror – USA
Director:  Hank Friedmann
Running Time: 11:00m

Suburban reality unravels when a group of teens experiment with a new drug that takes its users to a terrifying new world. Charlie (Aaron Refvem, Sons of Anarchy) dreams of escaping his boring life, and in the darkest reaches of the internet he’s found his answer: Black Sugar. Promising a trip they’ll never forget, Charlie and his rebellious friends swallow the candy-colored hallucinogen, much to the dismay of Charlie’s tag-along neighbor, Adam (Jake Kellar). When Black Sugar takes hold, the teens find themselves thrust into a living nightmare, infested with terrifying creatures that serve a horrific purpose. With Adam stuck in the real world, it becomes a race against time to save his friend from Black Sugar.

The Book – Horror – USA
Director:  Barrett Hunt
Running Time: 12:00m

An adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Book.” A man sits, staring into a mirror, trying to figure out who he is. He thinks about when it started when he comes across a book in an old shop that can shift him into other realities. He continues even though he gets closer and closer to stranger places.

The Cabin – Horror – USA
Director:  Tommy Faircloth
Running Time: 35:00m

Laura meets John on an online dating site. After a few dates he invites her to his vacation cabin in the mountains. Laura ignores the warnings from her friend, Ashley, about it being too soon to go away with a guy she just met.
Once at the secluded cabin, Laura begins to notice strange behavior changes in John. She also begins to be drawn to the crawlspace under the cabin. Is any of this real? Is this all in her head, or is there a deeper, darker secret to be uncovered?

Child Eater – Horror – USA
Director:  Erlingur Thoroddsen
Running Time: 8:00m

A simple night of babysitting takes a horrifying turn when Helen realizes the boogeyman really is in little Lucas’ closet.

Counter Parts – Horror – USA
Director:  Patrick Rea
Running Time: 8:00m

Sisters — two sides of the same coin begin a path with irrevocable consequences.

Cover – Horror – USA
Director:  Tito Guillen
Running Time: 15:00m

A librarian fights for her life after she unleashes a demonic force from a book

Cthulhu’s Witnesses – Horror – USA
Director:  John Hidalgo
Running Time: 4:03m

Three intrepid cult evangelists are on a mission from Cthulhu to spread the word of his coming.

Delver Glass – Horror – Germany
Director:  Matthias Greving
Running Time: 20:00m

A man attempts, in vain, to prevent another from suffering the consequences of a sinister curse associated with the Delver Mirror. He presents a dire warning, in the broadest possible terms, to the ill-fated central character as to the fantastical legend and insidious nature of the mirror. Slowly they advance upward through the labyrinth of sticky corridors until the attic door approaches.

Don’t Move – Horror – UK
Director:  Anthony Melton
Running Time: 13:56m

Set on one fateful night, six friends gather for their monthly ‘games night’… and accidentally unleash a demonic force that might tear them – and their friendships – to pieces.

Fists of Jesus – Horror – Spain
Running Time: 14:00m

Jesus is always willing to lend a hand to those in need, but there are others … that will taste his fist.

The Girl – Horror – Ireland
Director:  John Hayes
Running Time: 11:00m

“Is she a gift, or a curse?”

Heaven and Hell – Horror – Spain
Director:  Salomon Askenazi
Running Time: 6:27m

Heaven and Hell is the latest short film from Yellow Films. Directed by Salomon Askenazi, this short was made to change the world.

Home – Horror – Australia
Director:  Cameron McCulloch
Running Time: 11:30m

“Home” the Rom Zom tells the story of a lone surviving woman, stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the undead, trying to hold on to the last of her humanity.

Horizonte – Horror – Spain
Director:  Aitor Uribarri
Running Time: 23:00m

The world as we know ended, only its ashes are left. In a desperate attempt to bring the family together, Ana and her mother begin a dangerous journey where they’ll face the monsters that now rule the Earth and an even more dangerous one: the one we all carry inside…

Hourglass – Horror – USA
Director:  Patrick Rea
Running Time: 15:00m

More time, every wife and mother’s dream, but this dream comes with more than one woman could have ever imagined

I, Do – Horror – USA
Director:  Patrick Rea
Running Time: 6:00m

The last wish of a little girl before the end …. and her loving parents who make her dream come true.

Killer Kart – Horror – USA
Director:  James Feeney
Running Time: 15:00m

The shopping cart. Four wheels, one basket, and tonight, for the closing crew of a small-town grocery store, a blood-splattered aluminum nightmare.

The Lamp – Horror – Canada
Director:  Trevor Juras
Running Time: 16:00m

The perils of online dating become readily apparent when a disastrous first encounter segues from awkwardness to anarchy.

Lone Wolf – Horror – UK
Director:  Lee Arter
Running Time: 2:00m

A full moon changes a date for the worse.

LOT254 – Horror – UK
Director:  Toby Meakins
Running Time: 3:00m

A Collector discovers that a vintage cine camera bought at auction is broken. Repairing it unlocks the hidden terror of LOT254.

The Meeting – Horror – Canada
Director:  Karen Lam
Running Time: 17:00m

In a weekly meet-up, four serial killers confess their sins, hoping for redemption. But all hell breaks loose when a newcomer decides to join…

Mr. Bear – Horror – Spain
Running Time: 14:00m

It’s Christmas again: family, presents, parties… the worst time of the year for Steve. Driving through New York City for Christmas Eve dinner, his car breaks down and he accidentally stumbles upon a crime scene. Mistaken for the notorious cleaner, Mr. Bear, Steve has to face a difficult choice: dismember and get rid of some bodies or become a corpse himself.

Natal – Horror – USA
Director:  Corey Norman
Running Time: 27:00m

After a recent suicide attempt, three friends bring Carissa to her family’s cabin for a weekend of rest. When she starts hearing scratching in the walls, she begins questioning her own sanity as her world spirals out of control.

Nefarious – Horror – USA
Director:  Brian Guardiola
Running Time: 14:00m

Two girls subject themselves to a discussion of horror movies, until they are interrupted by an unexpected guest. Quickly, the girls are exposed to a nightmarish world of terror.

Sleepwalk – SF&F – Canada
Director:  John Northam
Running Time: 9:22m

A young adopted boy named Simon (Jacob Edward) who still believes his real mother hasn’t left our world just yet. As strange happenings begin at his new house, his foster parents start to worry about Simon’s sleepwalking habits, especially under the freaky circumstances.

Vindicate – Horror – USA
Director:  Patrick Rea
Running Time: 7:18m

An anthology series brought to you by different filmmakers contributing episodes set on the last day on Earth.

Viande Rouge – Horror – Spain
Director:  Fernando Gonzalez & Niko Verona
Running Time: 4:31m

Not enough to hang your prey, you have to tie it well.

The Working Dead – Horror – USA
Director:  Lee Arter
Running Time: 4:49m

Racked from stress at work, Alice has nightmares of Zombies until her boss makes her worst dreams come true.

The Wretched Prologue – Horror – USA
Director:  Richard Greenwood Jr.
Running Time: 4:49m

Germania. 395 AD. An isolated Roman outpost in the Germanic Black Forest comes under assault from a horde of barbarians inflicted with a plague created from an ancient evil…


Alice Through the Looking Glass – Animation – USA
Director:  Denise Plauche
Running Time: 3:26m

An interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice” stories and characters using digital cut-out style animation with a quirky yet poignantly nostalgic mood. The figures are hand drawn and painted in watercolor and colored pencil, finished in Photoshop, and animated in After Effects.

Dry Gulch – Animation – Mexico
Director:  Alejandro Ayala Alberola
Running Time: 8:00m

This is the story of the last inhabitants of Chiseler’s Burg, an old town on a dying planet in a long forgotten region of space. This is the story of a dry gulch.

Dji. Death Fails – Animation – Moldova
Director:  Dmitri Voloshin
Running Time: 3:56m

Dji is an unusual death. The Dark Knight has appeared in a different form.
No, he is not white and fluffy. Dji is just terribly unlucky. All he has to do is to take the soul of a dying man. But the screenwriters prepared some obstacles for Dji. Will he manage to overcome them? You’ll see.

Eleven – Animation – USA
Director:  Joshua Marvel
Running Time: 2:42m

Operative 4511 is a space marine on his own and outnumbered. Sometimes the voice you reach at the other end of the comm can mean the difference between life and death!

The Monkey Rag – Animation – USA
Director:  Joanna Davidovich
Running Time: 2:45m

‘Monkey Rag’ is a traditionally animated throwback to the musical cartoons of yore. Inspired by the thumping, riotously fun music of the Asylum Street Spankers, Mitzi pursues a disaster of her own making in this richly colored world where reason is overrated. Mitzi may be barking up the wrong tree, but she also knows that when it comes to love, sometimes you just gotta give a little bit of what you got.


Cape and Cowl – SF&F Documentary – USA
Director:  Andrew Bush
Running Time: 12:23m

Cape & Cowl is a genre-bending documentary short exploring the world of “cosplay,” or costume play. Abby Polakow, a costume designer, creates costumes for those wanting to take their appreciation of comic books, character design, and superheroes to a new level. The “cosplayers” also reveal how wearing costumes affects them on a more personal level.

Fanomenon – SF&F Documentary – Canada
Director:  Lynne Carter
Running Time: 51:00m

Fanomenon follows rural retail worker Suzie as she goes on a quest to meet her hero, a fictional space explorer. She journeys through the world of science-fiction fandom, and discovers much more than she is looking for.
Middle-aged women make up a large yet inconspicuous community of fans. Fanomenon explores their culture, their creative pursuits, and why they need heroes.

Fan Films

Feature Length

The Vessel – SF&F – Australia
Director:  Adam Ciancio
Running Time: 87:00m

An Alien interfacer, who has the ability to converse with ET’s, has until the end of the day to rid himself of his gift or risk succumbing to its terrible side-effect.