Maker Space

Patrick Haggood making something at Penguicon 2011.

Patrick Haggood Making something at Penguicon 2011.

In the Detcon1 Maker Space you will experience: 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, Ballon Sculpting, Slime Printing (Hectography), Ride the Virtual Roller Coaster (Oculus Rift), Badge Soldering, Vacuum Tube testing (including Nixies) and more.

In the Detcon1 Exhibit Hall you can: Play Giant Tetris and a Giant Operations Game, Peddle the Jacobs Ladder Bike to see how much electricity you can generate and help build a new Detroit Cityscape in the Group Lego area.

Want to know more about this whole DIY Maker Movement?
2 panel discussions await you:

  • Finding Your Maker at 5pm on Thursday
  • Making a Makerspace at 10am Saturday

>> Other DIY programming

We also encourage members of Detcon1 to take time to visit Detroit’s own Maker space, i3 Detroit.

We laugh a lot. We fail a lot. We learn a lot. And we are always trying to make the world a better place!

IF you’re a Maker/Hacker member of Detcon1 and want to create something in the Maker Space, please contact Larry Works – Maker Liaison through the convention information booth upon arrival.

Come join the DIY Revolution!


Also in the Exhibit Hall