Science and Technology Programming


Science Fiction is rapidly becoming Science Reality


Our Spacecraft have ventured to the edge of Interstellar Space, and our robots have orbited worlds throughout the Solar System. Students are launching satellites into low earth orbit, and commercial space companies may soon be carrying astronauts to the International Space Station. 3D printing is in its infancy, and it is revolutionizing artwork, engineering, and medicine. Space telescopes are continually monitoring our active Sun, and are peering into the farthest depths of the Cosmos. Particle accelerators such as the LHC and the Fermilab’s Tevatron probe the most minute depths of the Cosmos. The general public carry on their persons hybrid computer/radio devices, capable of accessing nearly the sum of human knowledge, acting as a window to the sky, and allowing you to talk with nearly anyone on the planet… or take a picture of your cat. Indeed, we live in interesting times!

Note: The Wayne State University Planetarium is presenting a special show for DetCon1 at 3 pm on Friday afternoon: Dynamic Earth, presented by Rachael Merritt. Seating is limited so get your ticket(s) in advance if you wish to attend. Bus transportation will be provided for $5/person and takes approximately 40 minutes each way. The show itself is also $5/person.

DetCon1 puts the Science  in Science Fiction!


For years now, there have been various… expectations of what the future may be like. In 1964, Isaac Asimov made a prediction of what 2014 would bring; Asimov got several things right, others… not so much. Our panelists and lecturers will discuss topics such as where past speculations on the future went wrong, Science education today, and the impact of Science in today’s society. There will be hands-on events, including telescope observing of the Sun, Saturn and the Moon.



Where’s my D@m! flying car?

Detcon1 will have many fascinating presentations, panels, and activities, covering a range of topics in Science.  Contact with any questions or suggestions.

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Our Goals

  • We want you to:have FUN!
  • Experience and learn something new.
  • Meet new people and make new connections.
  • Participate in the discussion.
  • Nurture a new passion.
Image: The Moon, 8 Oct 2011, through Bob Trembley’s 8” Dobsonian telescope.

The Moon will rise after midnight during DetCon1; weather permitting, you will be able to see something like this with your own eyes, and get a picture on your phone.