Samsung Applications Reached 100 Million Downloads

Samsung application store has managed to reach 100 million downloads from their customers and gadget users around the world, this news was announced by Samsung. Samsung application store service that began in June 2010 through Samsung smartphone Wave. Capable of achieving significant growth of Samsung application store to be pride for Samsung.

In the first three months since launched, the Samsung applications developed rapidly until it reaches 10 million downloads of the best applications. After 10 months since launched, the Samsung application now reaches 100 million downloads, the Samsung rightly take pride in accomplishments.

Many applications from Samsung are the best application and many gadget users downloaded, including games such as Asphalt5, Magic Torch, and Need For Speed ​​Shift. Other Samsung application included in the most popular download list are Ndrive France  and London Traffic in the category of application for navigation and transportation for Samsung gadget users.

Samsung notify countries that do most download, most download come from France, next rank is followed by Germany and Spain. In fact 40 percent of download in Samsung application store comes from that country.

Applications Samsung are increasingly popular and has many options also with the best applications to encourage confidence in Korean company- Samsung, to be able to provide positive trend for gadget users.

Samsung anticipates the possibility of rapid growth in Samsung applications in 2011. Anticipation made in connection with Samsung when launch various Bada devices.

Samsung will continue to offer the best applications for Samsung smartphone and consistent increase is the better application service for gadget users.

Until now, Samsung already offers more than 13 thousand applications are available for download at Samsung marketplace.

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