Sony Investigate Playstation Network Damage

Sony Corp. investigating to the PlayStation Network damage. Last week, there was damage to the system that connects gamers around the world in online game.

Thursday, April 21, when Sony Japan was the first time announced on Playstation Network Down, when the gadget user gets an error message when they’re signing in to the PlayStation Network (PSN). At that time, Sony said they were looking for the cause of Playstation Network damage.

A day later, Sony said that it takes one to two days to restore the system back normal again. However, until now the Playstation Network damage has not been completed resolved.
After 48 hours or Saturday, after first problem discovered, Sony gave the explanation and still continues to conduct an investigation on the Playstation Network (PSN) down.

Sony Japan site just say that the external factors that cause damage. But Sony United States (USA) website strives to provide a more detailed explanation.

As quoted from Yahoo News at 24 April, Sony said external interference in the system has an impact on the Playstation Network (PSN) and Qriocity service. Still, Sony does not give an explanation when the Playstation Network (PSN) service can be accessed again.

The biggest impact Playstation Network damage is on Playstation users, they can not play game online. Online game play is very dependent on the Playstation Network (PSN) service. Through the PSN services Playstation users collaborate between online game players in real-time.

A month before, playstation. com site become a victim of hacker attack. Playstation cyber attacks to the site conducted by a group of hackers calling themselves «Anonymous», following Sony lawsuits to two PlayStation 3 owners since releasing the application code that allows software and other operating systems running on Sony consoles.

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