T-Mobile Blackberry Monza Release Date Rumoured For June

A new rumour about T-Mobile Blackberry Monza release date has been spread around hitech gadget user on internet. The rumour said that T-Mobile is ongoing to release Blackberry Monza smartphone. For user gadget who doesn’t know what this new Blackberry’s device is, well, the Blackberry Monza is next upcoming Curve Touch. Some user gadget said this cellphone looks similar with Apple smartphone, Apple iPhone. According the rumour, we can expect T-Mobile Blackberry Monza smartphone release date on 29 June, means this summer. Some predict that we can have more information about T-Mobile Blackberry Monza smartphone after Blackberry World Conference in Orlando, around May 3 to May 5 2011.

T-Mobile Blackberry Monza – Comparison

For those user gadget that have not heard about T-Mobile Blackberry Monza cellphone until now, you can imagine this T-Mobile Blackberry Monza smartphone as usual handset and seems the design looks a lot with Apple iPhone. You can check on the leak pic that published on www. bgr. com. And you will find what T-Mobile Blackberry Monza looks like is. But anyway, there is a lot of Apple’s smartphone similar looks so do not bother too much. In reality, T-Mobile Blackberry Monza handset is much smaller and thin touch screen Curve as we can compare to other smartphone inside Curve lineup in 2011. T-Mobile Blackberry Monza specifications looks almost same like Blackberry Malibu specs.

T-Mobile Blackberry Monza – Specs

T-Mobile Blackberry Monza mobile phone has specifications: quad band GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE/ 3G and HSDPA with 14. 4 Mbps – HSPUPA 5. 76 Mbps. But as chip limitation you can have speed only 13. 4 Mbps. T-Mobile Blackberry Monza cellphone also has specs: 1. 2 GHz processor with Blackberry operating system version 6. 1, 5 megapixel camera with ability to record HD video 720p. Other aspect looks similar to Blackberry touch and has same dimension to Blackberry Orlando.

As T-Mobile Blackberry Monza release date rumoured, we can too much expectation on that, June 29. For sure, better we wait until Blackberry World meeting come up with some new information. We do not have any accurate info about the T-Mobile Blackberry Monza smartphone price at this moment, but some user gadget said the price is around S599 without any contract. So wait and see until the official announcement.

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