Help Wanted


There are seven basic types of job positions for volunteers. The job descriptions include a basic idea of responsibilities, physical demand, the times we’ll expect to need this type of volunteer, and a level of difficulty. While some positions require more skills and knowledge than others, every volunteer is important and valued! The difficulty is just meant to help potential volunteers choose their ideal commitment.

Please email and let us know what you’d like to do! Please include at least two or three preferences. While we will try to match a top preference, if you have one, it may not work out. Some “types” of positions can also substitute for others, if necessary. Guards, for example, may end up in a video room, pressing play, which is technically classified as a tech type. Past experience in certain departments at other cons will also be helpful in placing volunteers. If you have a particular skill to offer, such as photography or HTML, feel free to mention it, and we may be able to use it! If there’s a particular department of the convention you’d like to work in, tell us that too!


Times: Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday evening, Monday? Difficulty: Low
The more help we have to set up and tear down, the quicker it goes! Extra time will also be offered, to put towards volunteer perks. Most setup and teardown positions require the ability to walk and lift. However, some guard positions, which can be seated and non-physically demanding, are also available.


Times: Mostly during daily hours, Difficulty: High
The assistant group is one of the most diverse, in terms of responsibilities, but a high level of self-direction and responsibility is generally required. In most cases, they will be assigned to a specific department, trained and volunteering there throughout the weekend. They may even help train other volunteers or act as a second-in-command for a staff member. Most assistant positions will include a high degree of walking, standing, and upper-body movement, but accommodations may be possible. Potential positions include Kid’s programming Helper, Teen programming helper, and Registration.


Times: All hours, Difficulty: Low
Guards act as a presence in an area, usually checking for credentials, and monitoring areas. In many cases can be a sitting position, with little physical demand. Potential positions include door guards or security.

Customer Service

Times: Mostly during daily hours, Difficulty: Medium
Basically the same as the guard position, CS has a higher degree of interaction with con-goers. Like the guard position, a chair can be provided if necessary, with little physical demand, though it is also a more social position. Potential positions include information, art show, and others, including some of those outlined as a “guard” type.


Times: Daily hours, Difficulty: Medium
Administrative helps behind the scenes, organizing things, or just helping an area run more smoothly. Generally a low-impact physical position, but may require a high amount of upper-body movement. Potential positions include Registration, and Operations.


Times: All hours, Difficulty: Varies, but generally low
Runners are often referred to as gophers, but we wanted to avoid confusion with the cons that call most volunteers gophers. Runners will check in with other volunteers or staff, deliver items, and alert programming of time limits. Running requires a high level of walking and physical activity. Potential positions include Programming gophers and operations gophers.


Times: All hours, Difficulty: Low-medium
Tech positions will generally require a bit of training, but in most cases will be as simple as pressing a button or typing simple things. This position is not very physically demanding but a comfort with using a computer or other electronic devices is necessary. Some knowledge and ability to troubleshoot is helpful, but not required. Potential positions include registration badge-making, film rooms, and operations.