How To Make Your Electric Golf Cart Go Faster Update 12/2021

In the golf industry, electric golf carts are the most popular carts owing to their dependability and quiet running engines. In the past, golf carts were exclusively seen on country clubs and golf courses. Furthermore, they were gas-powered and very slow. However, today most carts are electric and can be seen in amusement parks, high-end … Read more

Little Flower Hemp Company Review  Update 12/2021

The family-owned Little Flower Hemp Company prides itself on having excellent customer service and making the highest quality products. It runs a hemp farm located on the backdrop of the amazing San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Little Flower ensures that every product from the organic farm meets all its buyers’ demands and needs. Besides the … Read more

What Country Does The Word Espresso Come From? Update 12/2021

One of the mysteries that surround espresso is the origin and meaning of its name. The word espresso describes a type of coffee specialty and a brewing method. Unlike regular coffee, the specialty coffee goes through an extraction process that makes it have a more concentrated full-flavor, taste, and aroma of coffee. Unlike regular coffee, espresso lovers … Read more

Art Show Update 12/2021

See the beauty of an interplanetary sunset or the twinkle in a dragon’s eye at the Detcon1 Art Show. We are displaying an amazing variety of unique and limited edition artworks depicting the science, science fiction and fantasy genres. With submissions from a large variety of artists, pieces include paintings, sculptures, jewelry, blown glass, castings … Read more

Film Festival Update 12/2021

Countdown to blast off… Journey to fantasy worlds… Facing your darkest fears! The Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival presents the 2014 Detcon1 Film Festival, showcasing the best independent film shorts, and features from around the world, specializing in the science fiction, fantasy, horror and comic genres. The festival’s motto is “A showcase for film makers to share … Read more