When is Detcon1?

July 17-20, 2014.

What is Detcon1?

Detcon1 is the 2014 North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC). A NASFiC is held in North America in any year when the Worldcon is outside of North America. The location of a NASFiC is chosen by vote of the membership at the Worldcon in the immediately preceding year.

What’s a Worldcon?

Worldcon is the short name for the World Science Fiction Convention, an international gathering of science fiction and fantasy fans and professionals.

So where will Worldcon be in 2014?

Loncon 3 will be held in London, England, August 14-18, 2014. Since Detcon1 is in July, you can attend both the NASFiC and the Worldcon in 2014 if you want to do that.

What will happen at Detcon1?

We will have an Art Show, a Dealer’s Room, a Masquerade costume contest, Music Concerts, plus Art, Literature, Science, Technology, Film, Maker, Fannish, and other science fiction and fantasy-related programming for both adults and kids, as well as several exhibits, a 24-hour Consuite, Gaming, and Maker space, and at least one Dance or other event. Some offsite tours may also be arranged, and there will be an active party scene at night.

What about Award Ceremonies?

The Chesley and Hugo Award ceremonies will be held at the Worldcon in London in 2014.

Where will Detcon1 be held?

Detcon1 will be at the Detroit Renaissance Center Marriott, a world-class facility on the Detroit River in downtown Detroit. The RenCen is GM’s World Headquarters, a five tower complex with its own station on the PeopleMover, the Detroit public transportation system which winds its way through downtown stopping at shopping, dining, sports and entertainment areas. At 73 floors, the Marriott is North America’s second tallest hotel.

So that’s the hotel. Where’s the convention center?
At the Detroit Renaissance Center Marriott we will be able to house the NASFiC all under one roof; there is no convention center.

What will room rates be?

The room rate will be $118 single-quad, $209 for a deluxe suite. Wi-fi is $1/day for hotel guests. Reservations at the hotel will open in January of 2014.

How much is parking?

Self-parking is discounted to $12/day Monday-Friday, and $6/day Saturday and Sunday. Valet parking is also available for $25/day.

What arrangements will be made for evening socializing and party space? Do you have a corkage waiver?
The hotel does not restrict guests from bringing any food or drink into their sleeping rooms. Our Consuite will be in a suite, and thus not subject to function space corkage waivers. We have currently blocked all suites on 2 floors of the hotel for parties, and can add additional floors with suites as needed.

What airport should I fly into?

The Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) is the area’s principal airport, just 20 miles from the RenCen.

What are my options and how much will it cost to get there from the airport?
We are the Motor City, and car rentals from the airport are available beginning at about $25/day. Having a car would also allow you easy transportation to our many attractions. Approximate cab fare from the airport is $44.50. We plan to establish a system to aid members in coordinating arrival times for taxi sharing purposes. If there is sufficient demand, we will arrange for shuttle transportation on peak days, and the shuttle costs will be $22-$26. It is possible to take public transportation to the hotel from the airport for $2.25, but it takes almost 2 hours and involves multiple bus transfers.

How else can I get to Detroit?

It is easy to drive to Detroit from anywhere in the central or Eastern United States or Canada; it is located at the intersection of I-75 (North-South) and I-94 (East-West), with convenient connections by the Ambassador and Blue Water bridges and the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel to the 401 and the 402 on the Canadian side of the border. Many major population centers are within a 6 hour drive of Detroit, such as Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus, Toronto, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh.

Detroit also offers both Greyhound and Amtrak service. The hotel is located 4.5 miles from the Amtrak station and 1 mile from the Greyhound station.

But isn’t Detroit a) really dangerous, b) a pit, c) something else derogatory.
There’s a lot more to Detroit than most people know. Our facility is world class. There are tons of restaurants in the RenCen and nearby. There are a number of wonderful museums, a thriving music scene, universities, major league sports, international festivals, a rich history, and a dynamic technical community. And you can go to Canada for a quick visit, as long as you’ve brought your passport along.

What’s with the license plates and the whole “Driving the Future” thing?

Dude, you’re kidding me, right? Detroit. Motor City. MoTown. The Automotive Capital of the World. Automotive industries and innovation, past, present & future. Gimme the keys to my flying car!

Other than flying cars and science fiction, what is the theme/focus of Detcon1?

We want to incorporate a strong science, innovation, and technology focus into our NASFiC, involving the local tech and maker communities in programming and exhibits. We also plan to draw on the solid ConFusion tradition of literary programming and lots of local authors who consider Detroit conventions their “home.” Driving the future is not just about cars, but about creating the future, about how artists, writers, makers, doers, and believers fuel change.

What is the organization behind this convention?

Driving the Future, Inc., a non-profit formed to run the bid, the NASFiC, and other similar events.

Who is on your committee?

The Detcon1 committee is listed on our Contact Us page.