Film Festival Update 05/2023

Countdown to blast off… Journey to fantasy worlds… Facing your darkest fears!

The Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival presents the 2014 Detcon1 Film Festival, showcasing the best independent film shorts, and features from around the world, specializing in the science fiction, fantasy, horror and comic genres. The festival’s motto is “A showcase for film makers to share their works and for people to experience”.

Film Submissions

We have listed all the entries here: Film Festival Submissions. The list includes information on each film as well as links to websites and online trailers where available. Why not take a look around or even watch some of the films online when you have a few minutes to spare?

We will show as many of the submitted films at Detcon1 as time and space permits. If you would like to submit a film for consideration, the rules and forms for doing so are below. The final deadline for submission of materials is June 1, 2014.

Festival Entries and Schedule (Coming soon)

The Film Festival schedule will be available in PDF format, including details and timings of all screenings that will take place at Detcon1.

Entry Rules and Form

Download: Detcon1 Film Festival 2014 Entry Form (.pdf)

General Rules for entry:

  1. Films submitted should be in one of the following categories:
    • Short Film (under 60 minutes)
    • Feature Film (over 60 minutes)
  2. All Films will be reviewed by members of the Film Festival staff.
  3. The submission must be accompanied by the official entry form and $20.00 (US) entry fee. Two (2) copies of the submitted film must be sent.
  4. To be accepted; submitted films must be completely edited and in their final completed form.
  5. Entry fee covers one film and/or trailer by submitter.
  6. Films can be Live action, animation or a combination of both.

What to send:

  • Two (2) copies of your film must be sent. Films should be submitted via mail on DVD or digital video file(s) via dropbox, wetransfer or google drive. Please make sure your DVD plays on other computers or DVD players. Preferred format for screening is DVD, Region 1.
  • Please include a brief synopsis of your film on a separate sheet of paper not to exceed 50 words, along with a brief bio sheet on filmmakers (direc­tor or writer) and one (1) production still for use in any potential publicity. Putting this info on a CD in electronic form is also acceptable.
  • All films must be postmarked by the deadline, June 1st, 2014, and be accompanied by a signed entry form, entry fee and any paperwork. Filmmakers with accepted entries will be notified around the beginning of July. The complete schedule of films will appear here on the Detcon1 website, and in the onsite Film Festival program book.

Detcon1 Laurel

Film makers with accepted entries can download the logo below and place it on their websites and other publicity materials to promote both the Detcon1 Film Festival and their films, once they have been selected for presentation at the convention.