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Horoscope for April 2020

From March 30 to April 5, 2020

This week stands apart from other weeks. 4 significant planetary aspects will be formed in the sky, 3 of them being a conjunction. The meaning of connections is always the beginning of a certain cycle of events. Therefore, the events of this week will be of particular importance and can often be the beginning of a long process.

March 31 connection Mars-Saturn. This is a very problematic aspect, because the connection includes functions that are opposite in meaning. Saturn symbolizes braking, stopping, obstacle and limitation. And Mars is activity and movement in its pure manifestation. This aspect can be compared with the collision of a car with a wall – something that is called to move gets into a situation of severe restrictions, obstacles. Scythe finds on a stone. Therefore, on such an aspect, the laying of some kind of conflict event may occur, entailing a cycle of events.

On April 3-4, the Mercury-Neptune connection is an aspect of confusion and uncertainty in contacts and in the information flow. On this aspect, deception or self-deception can occur. It is necessary to fear dishonest people, not to trust promises and double-check the incoming information. Lies can go mixed up with wild fantasies and it is extremely difficult to find a grain of truth in this cocktail.

April 4 – Trinus Venus-Saturn – an aspect of serious intentions, fidelity in love and maturity in feelings. On this aspect, it’s good to find out partnerships – it allows you to know the true intentions. Perhaps feelings of lack of fire and passion will be lacking in feelings, but there is no doubt in seriousness and responsibility.

April 5 – Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. This is a powerful and rare aspect that manifests itself 1 time in 13 years and overlaps with its influence the week before and the week after this date. This aspect is sometimes called the aspect of millionaires and billionaires. Many very rich people are born with such an aspect in the horoscope. The meaning of the aspect is that it attracts large financial resources to a person. An exceptionally successful moment for starting business projects. Those born near April 5 this year can gain wealth and power.

From April 6 to April 12, 2020

This week 4 significant planetary aspects are forming in the sky.

April 7, the Mars-Uranus quadrature is an aspect of the uncontrolled release of powerful energy. Compare with the explosive reaction. People who are affected by the influence of this aspect can commit spontaneous aggressive acts that they themselves are sometimes not able to control. One should be wary of collisions with aggressive and inadequate people – there is a risk of suffering from their aggression. The probability of an accident in transport is increasing.

In the world on this day there may be man-made accidents at power plants, accompanied by explosions and fires. Military conflicts may also escalate.

On April 7-8, the Mercury-Pluto sextile is an aspect of the insight of intelligence. Under the influence of this aspect, a person becomes able to understand the hidden motives in the behavior of other people. It is good to study exact sciences, read literature on the topic of psychology, solve puzzles, puzzles.

On April 8, the Mercury-Jupiter sextile is an increase in the ability to learn and understand the essence of what is happening. Many useful contacts, many trips, broadening the horizons. An open and friendly style of communication with others.

April 12 – Mercury-Saturn sextile – an aspect of serious and in-depth analysis. Sobriety of thinking. Laconicism in speeches, but weightiness in every word, since all the words spoken are very thoughtful and balanced. This is an aspect of honesty and objectivity in judgments.

From April 13 to April 19, 2020

This week 4 significant planetary aspects are forming in the sky.

April 14, the Sun-Pluto quadrature is a very potentially conflicting aspect. The meaning of the influence of the aspect is that the person can come into conflict with the whole team and this can lead to large energy costs. Under the influence of this aspect, forces and energy are spent not on constructive creative activity, but on conflict and subsequent destruction in relations and interconnections. The likelihood of aggression and violence, including crime, is increasing.

April 15 Sun-Jupiter square – an aspect of enhancing ambition, pride. Overly high self-esteem. With a tendency to inadequate self-esteem can lead to conflict situations and unnecessary energy-intensive struggle. Touchiness, painful pride, can provoke a conflict.

On April 18, the Mercury-Venus sextile is an aspect of harmony in social contacts. Polite tactful communication with others. The tendency to a beautiful presentation of thoughts – elegant literature, poetry. There may be hobbies in the forms of art. Romantic dating and flirting on this aspect can be successfully developed.

April 19, Sextile Mercury-Mars – intellectual activity. Good ability to study. Quick contact establishment, “easy to lift”. Quick assessment of the situation and equally quick decision making.

From April 20 to April 26, 2020

This week 4 significant planetary aspects are being formed in the sky – and all of them have a tense character of manifestations. This imposes very severe stressful influences on this week.

April 21 Sun-Saturn quadrature is a very difficult aspect for those it touches. The sun symbolizes the person and free will of man, and Saturn – the limitations, obstacles. A person with a tense connection of these planets can feel that they are trying to limit his personal freedom, to put it in a certain framework. Moreover, this can occur in a very tough form. Under the influence of this aspect, it is difficult for a person to show his talents and abilities, because his activity is limited.

April 25, the Mercury-Pluto quadrature – the aspect of criticality in judgments, the aspect of anger and sarcasm. Under the influence of this aspect, slander and excessive criticism can be manifested. The aspect does not contribute to mutual understanding and harmonious communication between people.

On April 26, 2 aspects are immediately included: the Sun-Uranus conjunction and the Mercury-Jupiter square. The Sun-Uranus relationship is an aspect of radical change in the pursuit of unlimited freedom from any obligations. The aspect is devoid of a constructive beginning and often underlies all kinds of revolutionary perturbations, a decisive breakdown of the existing structure and order for the sake of the phantom anarchy of unlimited freedom.

The Mercury-Jupiter relationship can generate verbosity, the desire to mix concepts. Leads to confusion in thoughts and increased criticality in judgments.

From April 27 to May 3, 2020

This week, 2 significant planetary aspects are formed in the sky and both are tense, associated with Mercury. First of all, this can lead to instability in intellectual activity and in contacts between people.

April 28-29, the Mercury-Saturn quadrature. The thinking of people who will be affected by this aspect may encounter obstacles. It will be difficult for a person to express his thoughts. Also, this is not an easy time for study, for assimilation and memorization of factual material. It can be difficult to find the right words, which can lead to tongue-tied tongue. On this aspect, it is undesirable to speak in public and discuss important issues with other people.

On May 1, the Mercury-Uranus compound is an extreme degree of haste in thoughts, judgments and actions. Haste in words. The desire to do everything quickly and immediately, dispersing attention to many small cases and directions and, as a result, not completing a single case.

Thoughts quickly switch, jump from one subject to another, and with this inconsistent behavior occurs. This is especially true of contacts with people and work with information. At the same time, intellectual insights at the level of insight, up to scientific discoveries and inventions, are not excluded.