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Horoscope for June 2020

The general horoscope for a month will tell you what June 2020 is preparing for us.

In June 2020, the position of the planets will undergo certain changes that can affect the lives of people. First of all, the movement of Venus should be mentioned.

In May, she made a U-turn in retro-movement, and went back down the sign of Gemini. For most of June, Venus will continue to move retro.

However, on the way to June 25, it will slow down its movement, stop and turn around in a direct, direct direction. This will happen without leaving the sign of Gemini.

We can say that on the 20th day of the month Venus will be stationary, since its speed before turning into direct and immediately after will be extremely small. People from the past, especially love relationships from the past, so characteristic of May and most of June, at the end of the month will cease to be a relevant topic.

Who did not have time to return love before June 25, he was late. Therefore, it is necessary to use retro Venus to return the relationship. But June is not quite suitable for the beginning of new romantic stories.

It is interesting to note that from June 18, Mercury unfolds in retro and will remain in the retro phase until the middle of the next month (July).

Thus, during the week, from June 18 to 25, two of the most important personality planets – Mercury and Venus – will simultaneously be in the retro phase. Such a double retro, taking into account the fact that during this period the three distant planets are also retro, indicates that almost half of the planets in the sky will be in retro motion. This means that it may be difficult to implement the principles of the planets. On the whole, in society and in the world, the murmur and discontent of the broad masses of people can intensify.

Next, let’s talk about aspects. The most striking aspects of the month will be associated with the Mars-Neptune conjunction with simultaneous quadrature to them from the side of the Sun.

This double quadrature overlaps with its influence the entire first half of the month. The symbolic meaning of the aspects speaks of the activation of the theme of struggle and aggression on the basis of false opinions and beliefs. If we take the global scale, it is possible to intensify manifestations of religious extremism. In ordinary life, there may be an increase in jealousy, alcoholism and water accidents.

On June 27-28, Mars passes from Pisces as a sign of its possession – to Aries. Starting from these days, the previously veiled behavior of many people can go into open form. There comes a time of direct action and unambiguous open actions. It should be borne in mind that Mars comes to

Aries for a long time and will stay here until the end of 2020. Because in September, Mars will turn in retro and will make a loop in the sign of Aries for a long time.

The arrival of Mars in Aries at the end of June is a very significant event that can have a lasting effect on the nature of manifestation in human behavior until the end of this year.

The most successful days in June: 4, 5, 18, 19, 20, 28.

Stressful days: 2, 3, 6, 7, 11.