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Horoscope for May 2020

The general horoscope for a month will tell you what May 2020 is preparing for us!

From April 27 to May 3, 2020

This week, 2 significant planetary aspects are formed in the sky and both are tense, associated with Mercury. First of all, this can lead to instability in intellectual activity and in contacts between people.

April 28-29, the Mercury-Saturn quadrature. The thinking of people who will be affected by this aspect may encounter obstacles. It will be difficult for a person to express his thoughts. Also, this is not an easy time for study, for assimilation and memorization of factual material.

It can be difficult to find the right words, which can lead to tongue-tied tongue. On this aspect, it is undesirable to speak in public and discuss important issues with other people.

On May 1, the Mercury-Uranus compound is an extreme degree of haste in thoughts, judgments and actions. Haste in words. The desire to do everything quickly and immediately, dispersing attention to many small cases and directions and, as a result, not completing a single case.

Thoughts quickly switch, jump from one subject to another, and with this inconsistent behavior occurs. This is especially true of contacts with people and work with information. At the same time, intellectual insights at the level of insight, up to scientific discoveries and inventions, are not excluded.

From May 4 to May 10, 2020

This week 6 significant planetary aspects are being formed in the sky. On

May 4, Monday, Venus will make an exact quadrature to Neptune. This is a rather complicated aspect for love and marital relations. The fact is that the sense of love of Venus can be disoriented or twisted by Neptune. As a result, the manifestation of jealousy and suspicion may intensify.

And in partnerships, fraud and cases of infidelity, betrayal can occur. An aspect does not contribute to a person’s confidence in their feelings, as well as in the feelings of another person. Persons prone to escape from reality through alcohol can feel the urge to take alcohol again at this time to bring themselves into a state of altered reality.

On May 4-5, the Sun in conjunction with Mercury is a strengthening of the intelligence of those people whom this aspect will affect. Behavior and volitional impulses become very reasonable, rational and effective. Good time for new contacts, study and travel.

May 7 Mercury in sextile to Neptune – thinking is colored by the desire for beauty. The craving for the arts, for elegant literature, poetry is intensifying. The communication style becomes softer and more respectful.

May 9, Mercury in trine to Pluto – insight of thinking intensifies. Some people whose horoscopes will be affected by this aspect can gain a special gift of persuasion and hypnotic effect on the masses of people. Good time for research and study.

May 10, two aspects at once: sextile Sun-Neptune and trine Mercury-Jupiter. The first aspect gives selflessness and a willingness to do things under the influence of their beliefs. This aspect can be especially pronounced in people with religious beliefs. The aspect is harmonious, therefore human behavior under the influence of the aspect does not go beyond an acceptable framework.

As for the trine, Mercury-Jupiter, this is one of the best aspects for expanding contacts, for travel, dating and study. On this aspect, the circle of communication expands and the horizons expand. It is interesting to note that out of the 6 aspects of this week, 4 aspects involving the planet Mercury. This largely gives a mental and intellectual coloring to the influences of the week.

From May 11 to May 17, 2020

This week 4 planetary aspects are forming in the sky that create the most significant influences.

May 11, Mercury makes a quadrature to Mars. This aspect enhances the critical component in communication between people. More attention is paid to negative manifestations, to mistakes and to criticism of other people.

This aspect allows us to notice the shortcomings of others and does not contribute to restraint in the expression of critical assessments. Therefore, these days the conflict in communication between people intensifies. There can also be troubles while traveling with the likelihood of accidents and vehicle breakdowns. It is recommended to behave more restrainedly and not to provoke other people to manifest aggression.

On May 12-13, the Trinity Mercury-Saturn is one of the best aspects for the objectivity of judgments and unbiased assessments of reality. It’s good to study. People’s thinking has a positive connotation and helps resolve the most complex issues. Since the assessment of the situation is essentially the most important points and facts and bypassing emotional assessments, which are often false.

May 15th Trin Sun-Pluto. Both planets are related to the energy of the human body and are located in a harmonious aspect to each other. This is a great time for energetic activities with high energy consumption. Athletes on this aspect can set personal records, demonstrating the wonders of physical strength and endurance.

On May 17, the Sun-Jupiter trine is one of the most favorable aspects, having a wide range of manifestations. This aspect is characterized by increased self-esteem and self-righteousness. This aspect can open up new perspectives for self-realization.

From May 18 to May 24, 2020

This week, 4 significant planetary aspects will be formed in the sky.

May 21-22, Venus in the retro phase makes a repeated quadrature to Neptune. The first Venus-Neptune quadrature on this planetary cycle was May 4. In fact, we can say that Venus from May 4 to 22 stands in quadrature to Neptune, creating a protracted crisis of trust in love and marital relations.

This quadrature, in contrast to the May 4 quadrature, may bring new complications in addition to the development of previously manifested blemishes. But all this can be stages of the same problem process. In addition to interpersonal complications, situations may arise associated with fraud and fraud, loss and loss of money. You must be careful – you can not trust anyone.

May 22, almost simultaneously simultaneously turn on 3 aspects, 2 of which can be grouped. Venus connects with Mercury and both planets simultaneously make a quadrature to Neptune. The influence of the Venus-Neptune square is described a little higher. As for the Neptune-Mercury square, this aspect can be called the aspect of delusions and deception in its purest form.

Either the person himself, who fell under the influence of this aspect, is misled and deceived, or he is misled and deceives other people. In any case, there is no clear and clear understanding of the essence of things and there is no certainty in assessments of reality.

On trips, there is a risk of going astray and getting lost. Also, in communicating with other people, one can misunderstand and interpret each other’s words, and this misunderstanding can cause misunderstandings in relationships.

Another aspect of May 22 stands apart and in many respects contradicts the meaning of the aspects to Neptune. It is a trine Sun-Saturn. This is an aspect of sober and balanced actions dictated by honesty and objectivity. There is hope that, based on this aspect, a person will be able to avoid deception and other troubles associated with the quadratures of Venus and Mercury to Neptune.

From May 25 to May 31, 2020

This week, only 1 significant planetary aspect is formed in the sky, which determines the nature of the influence on all days of the week.

On Monday, May 25, Mars makes a harmonious aspect – sextile – to Uranus. This is an excellent aspect for business activity related to the use of technical innovations and aimed at further improvement. Extremely good time for inventive and engineering thought.

A person who will be affected by this aspect will be inclined not only to invent and invent something, but will also test his ideas in practice. Particularly great attention will be paid to cars and their technical features. The influence of the electric power industry in people’s lives is also increasing.

Many will be inclined to purchase new home appliances to make their everyday life in the house more comfortable and functional. In his personal qualities, the person affected by this aspect can become more active, dynamic and inventive in his everyday manifestations.