How To Make Your Electric Golf Cart Go Faster Update 05/2023

In the golf industry, electric golf carts are the most popular carts owing to their dependability and quiet running engines. In the past, golf carts were exclusively seen on country clubs and golf courses. Furthermore, they were gas-powered and very slow. However, today most carts are electric and can be seen in amusement parks, high-end estates, malls, and other locations. There are many ways you can improve the speed of your electric golf cart. This article with give you five helpful tips to start with. Read more about best golf bags

How To Make Your Electric Golf Cart Go Faster

Extra Torque Translates to More Speed

Torque is basically the motor’s pulling power and a function of current. Therefore, if your current is higher, then you can expect more torque from your golf cart. This can be achieved by using a motor that has a higher rated RPM or providing your existing motor with more voltage. Make sure that you upgrade all the important parts so that you can have even torque and power through the entire cart. When it comes to upgrading power, it is best that it is an all or nothing project if you desire even performance and speed.

Inspect the Engine Parts

You should inspect all parts of your engine and ensure that any worn-out belts or part6s are replaced or repaired. You can use the commonly available automotive tools to change most of the engine parts. If you lack mechanical expertise, it is best to take your cart to a licensed repair technician.

Add Better Tires

One of the easiest and most economical ways of getting more speed from your golf cart is by upgrading your tires and increasing the tire size. You can get higher speed if you buy tires that have a larger diameter. Most golf carts have a standard 8’’ tires and upgrading them to bigger 20” to 24” tires can boost your speed by an additional 2 to 4 MPH. furthermore, upgrading tires is more cost-effective compared to other speed upgrades.

Get a Higher Powered battery

Increasing the voltage of your golf cart batteries is an excellent way of increasing the overall power and speed of your golf cart. This is a carefree upgrade that will take very little time. Golfing carts are designed to work with a variety of batteries. Installing a new battery will help to boost the motor output of your cart resulting in higher speed.

Keep the Cart Clean and Light

Keeping your golf cart clutter-free and clean will definitely boost its overall performance when it comes to speed. Most golf cart owners strive to keep their rides in perfect condition, however, the cart’s underside may sometimes be ignored or neglected. You need to check the bottom area for any buildup of mud, stones or pebbles, and caked-on particles as they may cause slower speeds. You should also eliminate any unnecessary items or clutter to ensure greater speeds.

Most golfers wish to have a speedier golf cart to move around with ease. Luckily, there are many options that can make your cart run faster.  Ensure that you research extensively about the different options available. With a well-planned and structured approach, you will get total satisfaction and fewer headaches that will allow you to enjoy a golf cart with better speed.