Little Flower Hemp Company Review  Update 05/2023

The family-owned Little Flower Hemp Company prides itself on having excellent customer service and making the highest quality products. It runs a hemp farm located on the backdrop of the amazing San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Little Flower ensures that every product from the organic farm meets all its buyers’ demands and needs.

Besides the quality of the products, the company also boasts of providing other well-thought-out offers that include functional reusable packages. Currently, little flowers company offers products for both humans and pets. Their line of human products focuses on self-care products such as cleansers, body sprays, salves, and facial masks.

The products provide users with different ways of incorporating hemp into their lives without sticking to just inhaling. The company’s pet line of products includes oral hygiene sprays and treats, among others.

Little Flower Hemp

Top Products Offered

Little Flower Hemp Co. does not sell cbd hemp flowers, unlike many other usual hemp retailers, making it unique. Instead, the company uses the hemp flower it grows on its family-owned San Juan farm to manufacture a range of hemp-based products that include human self-care products, pet products, and edibles, among many others.

One of the company’s best-selling human products is Colorado honey that contains 225 mg of hemp extract-whole plant full spectrum. Another big hit with users is the signature share oral tincture that uses premium hemp flowers for a potent formulation with several uses.

The company’s skincare products in small batches are also widely popular because of its effective benefits and results. The small batches come in beautiful, organic, and reusable containers. Pet lovers also like the company’s lineup of pet products on offer that include share oral tinctures for pets, dog treats, and oral hygiene spray for dogs, among others.

Discounts and Coupons

If you purchase more than $120 US Dollars’ worth of products, Little Flower Hemp Company provides you with free shipping but only across the United States. If you want to spend even much less in your subsequent purchases, you should sign up for the company’s newsletter.

Little Flower Hemp Company sends periodic emails to those that sign up for their newsletter, updating them on the latest promotional offers, discounts, and latest products on their online shop.

 Legal Compliance

Little Hemp Flower Co. manufactures products that meet all the standards and legalities set for hemp flowers and products. They abide by the farm act bill that stipulates that no hemp products should exceed 0.3% THC levels to ensure no psychoactive effects.

Through a general disclaimer on the website, the company also indicates that none of its products has any FDA approval for curing or treating any disease or illness. They further advise anyone who wants to incorporate the hemp products into their regular medication to seek a professional health practitioner’s advice first.


If you are in Colorado and looking for alternative hemp flower and hemp-based products, you should check out the Industrial Hemp Farms website. The CBD-based distributor offers a much wider range of products bot for retail and wholesale. It is also one of the largest distributors of the largest number of hemp products in the USA, ranging from concentrates, isolates, hemp flower strains, distillate, and many more. 


  • Offers a wide range of products for both humans and pets
  • A unique range of products
  • Functional and reusable packaging
  • Free shipping for purchases above $120


  • Does not sell hemp flowers

What People Say

People that buy the Little Flower Hemp Co. products love it for various reasons. For starters, they love the packaging of the products that they call impressive. The company uses reusable materials such as bamboo and glass, to make environmentally friendly and appealing packages.

Users also like the range of pets and human products offered by the company. Human products are top-rated among users that prefer using them in other ways besides inhalation.

Wrapping it up

The Little Flower Hemp Co. is a small hemp farm run by a family, but that does not hinder it from providing the highest quality hemp-based products. The company has a wide range of high CBD potent products for both humans and pets, which puts it among the industry’s top hemp companies.

What makes it even go a notch higher is the practical packaging that is both appealing and non-harmful to the environment. The company also has dependable customer service for any queries you may have concerning any of the products.