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Weekly Horoscope from April 13 to April 19, 2020

The general horoscope for a week will tell you what awaits us from April 13 to April 19, 2020

This week 4 significant planetary aspects are forming in the sky.

April 14, the Sun-Pluto quadrature is a very potentially conflicting aspect. The meaning of the influence of the aspect is that the person can come into conflict with the whole team and this can lead to large energy costs.

Under the influence of this aspect, forces and energy are spent not on constructive creative activity, but on conflict and subsequent destruction in relations and interconnections. The likelihood of aggression and violence, including crime, is increasing.

April 15 Sun-Jupiter square – an aspect of enhancing ambition, pride. Overly high self-esteem. With a tendency to inadequate self-esteem can lead to conflict situations and unnecessary energy-intensive struggle. Touchiness, painful pride, can provoke a conflict.

On April 18, the Mercury-Venus sextile is an aspect of harmony in social contacts. Polite tactful communication with others. The tendency to a beautiful presentation of thoughts – elegant literature, poetry. There may be hobbies in the forms of art. Romantic dating and flirting on this aspect can be successfully developed.

April 19, Sextile Mercury-Mars – intellectual activity. Good ability to study. Quick contact establishment, “easy to lift”. Quick assessment of the situation and equally quick decision making.