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Weekly Horoscope from April 6 to April 12, 2020

The general horoscope for a week will tell you what awaits us from April 6 to April 12, 2020

This week 4 significant planetary aspects are forming in the sky.

April 7, the Mars-Uranus quadrature is an aspect of the uncontrolled release of powerful energy. Compare with the explosive reaction.

People who are affected by the influence of this aspect can commit spontaneous aggressive acts that they themselves are sometimes not able to control. One should be wary of collisions with aggressive and inadequate people – there is a risk of suffering from their aggression.

The probability of an accident in transport is increasing. In the world on this day there may be man-made accidents at power plants, accompanied by explosions and fires. Military conflicts may also escalate.

On April 7-8, the Mercury-Pluto sextile is an aspect of the insight of intelligence. Under the influence of this aspect, a person becomes able to understand the hidden motives in the behavior of other people. It is good to study exact sciences, read literature on the topic of psychology, solve puzzles.

On April 8, the Mercury-Jupiter sextile is an increase in the ability to learn and understand the essence of what is happening. Many useful contacts, many trips, broadening the horizons. An open and friendly style of communication with others.

April 12 – Mercury-Saturn sextile – an aspect of serious and in-depth analysis. Sobriety of thinking. Laconicism in speeches, but weightiness in every word, since all the words spoken are very thoughtful and balanced. This is an aspect of honesty and objectivity in judgments.