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Weekly Horoscope from March 30 to April 5, 2020

The general horoscope for a week will tell you what awaits us from March 30 to April 5, 2020

This week stands apart from other weeks. 4 significant planetary aspects will be formed in the sky, 3 of them being a conjunction. The meaning of connections is always the beginning of a certain cycle of events. Therefore, the events of this week will be of particular importance and can often be the beginning of a long process.

March 31 connection Mars-Saturn. This is a very problematic aspect, because the connection includes functions that are opposite in meaning. Saturn symbolizes braking, stopping, obstacle and limitation. And Mars is activity and movement in its pure manifestation. This aspect can be compared with the collision of a car with a wall – something that is called to move gets into a situation of severe restrictions, obstacles. Scythe finds on a stone. Therefore, on such an aspect, the laying of some kind of conflict event may occur, entailing a cycle of events.

On April 3-4, the Mercury-Neptune connection is an aspect of confusion and uncertainty in contacts and in the information flow. On this aspect, deception or self-deception can occur. It is necessary to fear dishonest people, not to trust promises and double-check the incoming information. Lies can go mixed up with wild fantasies and it is extremely difficult to find a grain of truth in this cocktail.

April 4 – Trinus Venus-Saturn – an aspect of serious intentions, fidelity in love and maturity in feelings. On this aspect, it’s good to find out partnerships – it allows you to know the true intentions. Perhaps feelings of lack of fire and passion will be lacking in feelings, but there is no doubt in seriousness and responsibility.

April 5 – Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. This is a powerful and rare aspect that manifests itself 1 time in 13 years and overlaps with its influence the week before and the week after this date. This aspect is sometimes called the aspect of millionaires and billionaires. Many very rich people are born with such an aspect in the horoscope. The meaning of the aspect is that it attracts large financial resources to a person. An exceptionally successful moment for starting business projects. Those born near April 5 this year can gain wealth and power.