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Weekly Horoscope from May 18 to May 24, 2020

The general horoscope for a week will tell you what awaits us from May 18 to May 24, 2020.

This week, 4 significant planetary aspects will be formed in the sky.

May 21-22, Venus in the retro phase makes a repeated quadrature to Neptune. The first Venus-Neptune quadrature on this planetary cycle was May 4. In fact, we can say that Venus from May 4 to 22 stands in quadrature to Neptune, creating a protracted crisis of trust in love and marital relations. This quadrature, in contrast to the May 4 quadrature, may bring new complications in addition to the development of previously manifested problems. But all this can be stages of the same problem process. In addition to interpersonal complications, situations may arise related to fraud and fraud, loss and loss of money. You must be careful – you can not trust anyone.

May 22, almost simultaneously simultaneously turn on 3 aspects, 2 of which can be grouped. Venus connects with Mercury and both planets simultaneously make a quadrature to Neptune. The influence of the Venus-Neptune square is described a little higher.

As for the Neptune-Mercury square, this aspect can be called the aspect of delusions and deception in its purest form. Either the person himself, who fell under the influence of this aspect, is misled and deceived, or he is mislead and deceives other people. In any case, there is no clear and clear understanding of the essence of things and there is no certainty in assessments of reality. On trips, there is a risk of going astray and getting lost. Also, in communication with other people, one can misunderstand and interpret each other’s words, and this misunderstanding can cause misunderstandings in relationships.

Another aspect of May 22 stands apart and in many respects contradicts the meaning of the aspects to Neptune. It is a trine Sun-Saturn. This is an aspect of sober and balanced actions dictated by honesty and objectivity. There is hope that, based on this aspect, a person will be able to avoid deception and other troubles associated with the quadratures of Venus and Mercury to Neptune.